About Our Studio.

Our Studio

Welcome to The Bar Method Dr. Phillips! Our studio is located in The Marketplace at Dr. Phillips on the corner of Sand Lake Road and Dr. Phillips Blvd. This barre studio is a short drive to downtown Orlando and area attractions including Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

Barre classes are offered 7 days a week at various times throughout the day. If you are new to our studio and/or the barre workout, it is recommended that you arrive 10-15 minutes early for an informal introduction.

Our team at The Bar Method Dr. Phillips strives to create a comfortable and positive environment from the minute our clients walk in the door. We treat our clients like family, each of whom are greeted with a warm and energetic welcome when they arrive.

The Bar Method Dr. Phillips resembles an urban chic spa with dark wood floors, white lacquer lockers and cabinets, modern chrome fixtures, and a fun and inviting banquette in the lobby where there is Bar Method merchandise and other barre accessories available for purchase. The studio room features floor to ceiling windows that brings the beauty of the outdoors in.

The workouts at The Bar Method are uniquely designed to create a lean, toned and strong physique by targeting specific muscle groups during the workout, while incorporating stretching throughout to improve flexibility. Our instructors provide verbal and hands-on direction to ensure proper form and safety throughout each exercise. The workouts are uniquely designed to help our clients reach their health and fitness goals despite age, body type, or prior fitness experience. With regular attendance, many of our clients see a total body transformation in the areas of: muscle toning and strengthening, weight loss, improved posture and flexibility, and increased confidence.

Our Instructors

The instructors at The Bar Method Dr. Phillips undergo a rigorous training totaling over 150 hours before certification. This training involves a weeklong initial training by a national trainer, followed by a 4 to 6-month post training process. During this time, trainees co-teach classes, complete an anatomy exam, as well as a manual exam before becoming nationally certified as a Bar Method instructor. After receiving their initial certification, instructors are required to participate in regular evaluations and education opportunities to ensure they uphold the top standards of teaching set by The Bar Method.

Each instructor at The Bar Method Dr. Phillips designs their own classes based on The Bar Method standards and guidelines, while making it fun at the same time! This allows for individuality in each class through various choreography and themes, giving our clients a different workout every time.

During class, instructors guide clients through a challenging and effective workout, prioritizing proper form and safety throughout each exercise. Our instructors are dedicated to connecting to each individual before, during and after class and aims to make each class fun and something that clients will look forward to!

Meet the Owner

The Bar Method Dr. Phillips is owned by Karen Moreno. Karen was born and raised in Central Florida. Her life-long devotion to her health and well-being began at an early age as she adopted a passion for dance and fitness. She continued these passions to the collegiate level, and was a cheerleader at the University of Central Florida where she obtained a degree in Elementary Education.

After a few years of teaching both first and second grade, Karen decided to shift her focus to her family and civic work, consistently volunteering for community organizations and at her children’s schools. With her children a bit older, Karen decided to delve back into her career by combining her love for fitness and teaching through the opportunity to open a Bar Method studio right here in Winter Park.

Karen was first introduced to the Bar Method through barre exercise DVDs and had never before experienced such a challenging, safe and effective regime. The transformation that she saw in her own body and fitness level served as first-hand proof of the program’s effectiveness. Karen is now able to be a part of this same transformation seen in our clients at the Bar Method Winter Park since opening the studio in 2011. Karen trained and certified with Burr Leonard, the Founder of Bar Method, who provided leadership and expertise that Karen is able to implement each and every day at the Bar Method Winter Park.

“We consider ourselves a family. A family that likes to work out…a lot!”
~ The Bar Method Staff