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I have been going to The Bar Method since they opened in February. I was really hesitant because I didn’t enjoy taking workout classes. I was going to my gym daily, desperately needed a change in my life, so I tried the free class.

After that I was hooked, almost as if it became some weird addiction. Not only did I feel that I was working muscles that I never even knew existed, but I was getting an hour of complete peace and “me” time.

I have been working out since I was a child and have never had results like The Bar Method has given me. I have always been thin which is a blessing, however my body was straight and I wanted some curves while still looking thin. After about a month, I started gaining weight. The number on the scale was going up! I am a full time actress and model so this really scared me. I told the teachers and they said I was gaining muscle. I was super nervous but I kept taking class at the least 3 days a week. It has been many months now and the number on the scale may still be up but my clothes fit me perfectly. I still wear the same size and I feel great! So I will take it.


So I will take it. I actually have a butt now! My body is firmer and tighter than ever and my posture has improved as well. I gained a little bit of curves in all the right places.

I call The Bar Method my daily medicine. I could be having a bad morning or a stressful couple of days and as soon as I take a class I feel much better.

The teachers are amazing! I always look forward to seeing them. I never thought I could or would get addicted to taking a class, but now I can’t imagine not going to The Bar Method. It has become a part of my daily lifestyle. I was a slave to the gym before. I would stay there for hours and I never saw results. Finally, I am getting the results I have always wanted! My boyfriend actually loves the change in my body too! Men usually are clueless so that says a lot. I have never looked forward to doing a workout as much as this. I even go online and sign up for my classes way ahead of time.  I couldn’t be happier with The Bar Method. It’s the best part of my day.