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I had my first experience with a bar class when I was traveling with my husband a few years ago. I instantly thought this would be the type of workout I would enjoy, but there were no studios close to home.

I was so excited when I heard The Bar Method was opening in Dr. Phillips! I joined when it opened and now I am addicted!


What do I love about The Bar Method? I love the instructors… they are encouraging, motivating and well trained. I love the science behind every exercise… my muscles are getting stronger, leaner and more flexible. I love that each person in the class can be challenged at their own level…. there is always another degree of difficulty in each exercise.

I love that I can participate for many years to come… I am over 50 and glad to have found an exercise program that is so effective without high impact or risk of injury.  Thank you Karen and Cayce. I am THANKFUL for The Bar Method!