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What The Bar Method means to me…

A few years ago, when I turned 30, I began paying better attention to my health and fitness. While on this new found fitness journey, I witnessed friends fall in love with workouts – and how they wanted to share their passion with me. I begrudgingly ran races, plodded through cardio classes and gritted my teeth lifting weights. Because I knew it was good for me, I stuck with it – but I’ve never found something that I myself wanted to share with others, or that I simply felt connected to.

I observed people who loved to run become runners…those who loved to be on a bike became cyclists or those who loved the water became swimmers….and finally, with The Bar Method, I have found a workout that I want to share with others and see it become a part of who I am.

Motivated by the instructors, I feel encouraged to improve with each and every class. I had an epiphany one day while observing an instructor taking class alongside of us students. (PS: Have you seen the instructors? I’m pretty sure this workout is the fountain of youth). I looked across the room and saw her determined, focused, pushing herself to the point where she was biting her lip…and then it dawned on me. Working out is never going to get easy– for anyone, even for someone who is in such amazing shape (I’m lookin’ at you Beth). You have to push yourself, bite your lip and fight through that burn. There is no finish line with this…it’s a constant journey for everyone. You just have to find the “burn” that pushes you….and with The Bar Method, I have finally found it.

Having the misconception that a commitment to fitness was easy for some people (and “unluckily” not for me), me and my two left feet were staring at a long road ahead of cardio, dance, modern twist (what does that even mean!!) situation style classes at the gym…that is, until The Bar Method popped up on the right hand side of my Facebook. Cue the choir: Hallelujah!

For anyone who may be on the fence, apprehensive or think this may not be for them, I would recall my first day of class where I could barely “lift OR lower” my leg during Round Back. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I was motivated and reassured that I would get there when Karen so kindly came over to walk me through it. Isn’t this type of motivation, encouragement and focus on form what we’ve been missing from our workouts all along? And with that said, I’ll be taking the L option in no time!

Three months in and a loss of 18 pounds later, I feel stronger, taller and more flexible than I thought I could be – I repeat: three months. But more importantly, I have found a workout that is going to be the keystone of my fitness journey simply because I have found something I love to do. I am thankful everyday that The Bar method is a part of my life and therefore honored to be the first Bar Star of the Dr. Phillips Studio!