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I’m so excited to share a bit about my love of The Bar Method and the Dr. Phillips studio. It’s hard to put into words something you feel so deep down in your core, how much it has had an impact on your life. I’ve been addicted to The Bar Method since taking my first class in Summit, NJ with Emily. She was my first instructor. Her energizing voice, vivacious spirit, and unending encouragement to get my leg in Round Back to touch the bar – I still hear her voice every time I get into position with my mat one-third up the wall.

After moving to Florida, not doing Bar Method because of all the various reasons I had to not make the 26 mile drive to Winter Park, my body was out of shape, my unending closet of clothes didn’t fit, and in general I felt “blah.” It’s the feeling of defeat that every woman knows, the constant feeling of feeling fat which can come in many forms – cellulite, muffin top, tight shirt sleeves, an upper arm that jiggles minutes after you’ve stopped waving, feeling disgusted every time you eat, unsuccessful shopping trips, and the worst —when you look at recent pictures of yourself and are shocked by what you see.

I was beyond thrilled when The Bar Method, Dr. Phillips was announced; I found my favorite grey Bar socks and waited patiently, or at least somewhat patiently while I’d post, email or send a message to see the studio would be finally opening. Fast forward passed the community classes in December, through the grand opening in February. Eight months later, I walk into every class anticipating the challenge (some days I’m more prepared than others). I crave going to class; I love the sweat, the mental and physical challenge, and the sense of triumph that comes from finishing class. Sometimes the triumph comes from taking the harder option, sometimes from staying in thigh (though that hasn’t happened to me quite yet), or touching your foot to the bar in Round Back…so many things. Sometimes it’s just making it through the class. But anytime of the day I get glimpses in the mirror at my defined arms – which is by far the biggest change I’ve noticed and love about my metamorphosis. I love knowing that when I take every class, I am able to mentally stay focused on each movement and tweak; when it’s more than mind over matter, I know it’s only a few more until what’s next. I am so focused my mind can’t wonder – and in life to have that one-hour to be present is such a relief.

What are my favorite aspects of The Bar Method and the Dr. Phillips Studio?

I love my instructors – I love their attention to detail, their emphatic care and the hands on corrections.  Each instructor brings something different to the table, each with their own flair, personality and forté.  I know walking in who is going to wreak havoc on my thighs until I shake, who will make me feel my six-pack the next day, who will make my glutes just a bit higher and feel with every stair I climb, or who will coach me to the exact perfect form in high curl.  They never cease to challenge me and help me work to my fullest potential in that one-hour. My body is continually changing. My thighs are one and a quarter inches smaller, my waist has started to get its definition back, my arms are getting noticeable but gentle definition. I stand taller in my posture from my core, and I am continually aware of my muscles everyday. The women I’ve met have become my friends. I look forward to seeing them in class. They are the reason on the days I can’t find the mental strength to power through to not skip class. Their dedication, the visible change in their bodies is inspirational.  Though we rarely look at each other during class because each of us are so focused, we celebrate our personal triumphs together.  It’s a camaraderie that can only come through the shared experience of understanding what it means to “stay in it” or hearing “this is your second to last thing in thigh”  at a point when you can’t feel your legs because they are shaking so hard. When I used to dance, they’d tell us you always go back to the bar, it’s the cornerstone of every technique, every dance step, every routine, every class.  For me The Bar Method has taken that place in life, every class. It’s the cornerstone of finding time for myself, for keeping myself healthy, feeling strong, feeling great in my clothes, and a source of confidence for my everyday.

So thank you to every one of my instructors that continue to challenge me and push me to make every class feel like my first – Karen, Cayce, Kelly, Beth, Caitlin, and our newest instructors Lauren and soon to be Kelly. You each infuse your personality and everything you have into that one-hour – thank you for your dedication and personalized attention to each student.  Thank you to the lovely staff ladies that greet me at the door. You get my workout started with a smile, you are an integral part to the entire personalized Bar Method experience. Thank you to my Bar Ladies, for inspiring me, sharing our journeys and celebrating personal triumphs together, and most importantly for the friendships I’ve gained in each of you.  To every lady I take class with, and every brave gentleman— each of your personal achievements in class inspire me and I look forward to every shake I share with you! So if you are wondering why you should try The Bar Method…stop wondering and just do it…see you in class!