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When Cayce approached me about being a Bar Star, I was completely shocked and honored. I really don’t like the spotlight, but it’s a great feeling to know that my hard work is paying off!

I have always been moderately active since childhood, taking dance classes, running in high school, taking karate classes in college etc… but I tend to lose interest and get bored rather quickly. I tried to stay in shape by doing Yoga, workout DVDs, going to the gym, trying out Zumba, another barre class and Bikram Yoga (which until recently was my favorite of all) then The Bar Method came along!

My sister and I decided to give it a try right before the Dr. Phillips studio opened since we have tried everything else. She was married in April and everyone kept complimenting us on the changes in our bodies. At first, I attended classes 2 to 3 times a week and now I am up to 5 times a week! I have even gone to class on Saturday mornings at 8:15 am! Me, who would rather try to sleep in on the weekend.

I am so motivated and look forward to leaving work and going to class during the week-who would have thought that?! I tend to be rather lazy and used to always come up with an excuse not to work out, but The Bar Method clicked with me. I can see the change in my flexibility and strength (I was never able to do more than 2 pushups on the balls of my feet) and look at me now! My energy and mood have improved, my friends, family members and coworkers have complimented me on the changes they see. I am a true believer in The Bar Method and I am hooked! All I do is promote it to others and I have referred a few ladies and more keep saying they will give it a try.

Thank you Cayce, Kelly, Karen, Kendra, Caitlin, Beth and Staff for making class so enjoyable and for making me feel a part of The Bar Method Family.