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I started going to The Bar Method in January when a friend asked me to a free community class. I was immediately hooked! Initially, I was intrigued by how challenging and targeted the workout is. However, after attending classes for almost 8 months now, I love that the workout has stayed challenging and that I’m still seeing changes in my body, my posture, and my strength level.

I was really frustrated after one workout (couldn’t finish some stuff and couldn’t do any of those “options”!) and asked the teacher “When does it get easier?”. She laughed and said “It never does. We want you to keep challenging yourself!” As I thought about that comment, I realized that that’s one of the reasons this program is a great fit for me…it constantly evolves to meet my needs and keep me changing for the better.


I would be remiss if I didn’t point out one of the other major reasons I love The Bar Method at Dr. Phillips. I absolutely love the fact that all of the teachers know your name, welcome you by name to class, and personally coach you through the right form. If I’m not in class, I know that someone will notice and will ask me if everything’s okay when I return. I love that approach because it makes me feel like I’m more than just a body in a class. It feels like I’m part of a great group of new friends and holds me accountable to those friends!