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For the past 10 years as a business woman and owner of The Way To Go Transportation, I had focused most of my attention to my business, my family and others. About two years ago, after my father’s passing, I realized I also needed to take better care of myself and regain control of my life; at that point I took the decision of having weight loss surgery.

I saw the pounds drop, but it was not enough. I was losing weight but needed a healthy routine from a workout that would help me get toned, develop muscle definition and make me feel accomplished.

While in the Winter Park area, I found The Bar Method studio. I decided to try it, and I honestly say that it has changed my life. I had NEVER before in my life followed an exercise routine let alone a regimen as rewarding as the one we all get here at The Bar Method.

I have only been a member of The Bar Method Dr. Phillips for the past six months but I believe they are stuck with me for life. I try to workout five and six days a week and love it. The staff is super friendly, helpful and for reasons unbeknownst to me, they are really good at remembering EVERYONE’S name. It really feels like I belong. I can honestly say that until that day I had never ever felt my body shake and burn in such a manner! It was crazy incredible!  At the end of class I was sweating which is highly unusual for me, my spirit was shaken and the words “tuck tuck tuck…” kept ringing in my ears.

Ah! By the way my husband keeps saying “Thank you Bar Method”.